Moon project

Ragnar plinkner 2018 02 28 moon project van de grax birkeland 1000x562mm

Craters Van de Graaff and Birkeland on the moon.

Got the inspiration from my living room walls - old concrete walls with air bubbles that left numerous random little holes on the surface. Walls resemble a surface with craters so i decided to make and print out a 1 x 0,5 m picture of actual moon craters. Also discovered that almost each crater has its own name which is quite cool.

Used NASA-s moon trek web app to download the surface scan information in STL format. Textured and rendered in Cinema 4D. Post done in Affiniy Photo.

You can look up the exact location with these coordinates Lat: -27.593036 degrees Lon: 171.918375 degrees.

By the way there is also a similar app for Mars...